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no legs no limits!

the sailing challenge

In the summer of 2020, Lars and Rudy will start in Tarifa (Atlantic) to an extraordinary challenge. Together they want to sail with their catamaran over the Mediterranean Sea from Gibraltar along the European coast to Palermo in about 30 days. This means working as a TEAM for 10 to 12 hours a day in wind, waves, and all-weather on a 2x2 sq m trampoline. The special thing about this 3750 km long challenge: Rudy has been on the road without legs since an accident in 1997. The unequal duo is supported by a photographer, a cameraman & doc filmmaker and an experienced team.

They accompany them in a motorboat and by car along the coast. After the great success of Follow the River 2017, the next big challenge awaits Ruediger Boehm - no legs no limits! and his team this summer. Together they want to show what is possible if you are willing to push your own limits again and again. They also want to draw attention to the beauty of our nature that is worthy to protect.
Look forward to a big challenge, real emotions, great pictures and a special documentary film in every respect!

Started Aug, 27th 2020

along the coast from Gibraltar to Palermo

2020 nautical miles

The team

Lars grew up with sailing on Lake Thun and has various regatta victories and top rankings in div. classes. He became Swiss champion in the 470 class and participated several times as a member of the Swiss national squad at the Junior World Championships (2 x Top 15). He was able to make his catamaran experiences at two world championships with a German national team sailor. About 20 years ago he had lost the desire for sailing and regatta sports.... Until Rudy came along with his idea...

Rudy is an enthusiastic extreme athlete who repeatedly pushes his limits. He has been without legs since a road accident in 1997. In 2017, he successfully completed his last extreme endurance project with Follow the River. Before his accident, the former sports student was an avid water sportsman, especially windsurfing had done it to him. As a sailor, he sets off for new shores. As always Rudy is willing to do everything he can to successfully complete the GP-Challenge 2020 with the team.

The support team

René von Gunten Film

René von Gunten


René is a passionate documentary filmmaker. His drive is the fascination with the stories of people who are not afraid to venture new things, explore the unknown, and turn things upside down. He wants to tell these stories because we can all learn from them.

Michele Di Fede Photographer

Michele Di Fede

Photo & Support

Michele is both a photographer and a passionate athlete. He has already accompanied Rudy on the Follow the River project. He has the eye for the special moment and can pack properly if necessary. His cooking skills are well known.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-26 um 21.34.31

Agostino Poli

Accompanying & lifeboat

Agostino from Alto Garda Kite  practically grew up on the water. He is very familiar with everything that moves fast on the water. Through his work with handicapped kiters, he knows what it takes to ride a motorboat on the edge and safely and he, as well masters his job 100%.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-26 um 21.37.17

Giovanni Poli

Land Crew / Accompanying & lifeboat

Giovanni from Alto Garda Kite is very knowledgeable about following a fast sailor on the water with a motorboat and, if necessary, helping within seconds. Through his work with disabled kiters, he is always close to the action and masters his job to 100%.

Fiore Capone Support

Fiore Capone

Land Crew

Fiore has been committed to inclusion for over 20 years. Digital assistive technologies move him in his everyday work, as well as his heart project: "Messe Swiss Handicap". Encouraged by Follow the River, he ventures into this challenging challenge as a "girl for everything" full of passion and passion.

The boat


Length: 5.51 m

Width: 2.60 m

Mast height: 9.00 m

Altitude over water: 0.40 m

Sail size: 21 / 42 sqm

Weight: 180 kg

Material: GRP & Aluminum

GP-Challenge 2020 - no legs no limits the sailing challenge Gibraltar Palermo catamaran ruediger boehm lars kyprian

The sponsors

We count on you! Because success is only possible with strong partners! Become part of this extraordinary challenge and support us! Let's break the boundaries in our minds together and set a sign. With your support, we will show what is possible when a team is ready to give everything, and anyhow disability or handicap does NOT matter! We have prepared different sponsorship variants for you. In addition, we prepared a special value for our sponsors: the GP CHALLENGE EVENT - the special event for your company! For more information, please contact us. CONTACT you us now.

Borders arise in our minds - we do not allow others to prevent us!





Official partners
Equipment Suppliers & Supporters

The Partner Wall

Special thanks to all our sponsors and partners for all the great support. We are really proud to have you all on board. Together with your support, we are transforming the GP Challenge 2020 into a project of success!

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